Rehab and Upgrade of Roads in the Port of Durban

R268 million

Transnet National Ports Authority

Project Description

Contract No: TNPA/2022/11/1352/15874/RFP

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has identified 21 roads in the Port of Durban for urgent rehabilitation. The degree of rehabilitation varies from surface treatment to reconstruction. The works will take place at three separate locations and thus the Site has been split into three parts:

  • Site A: Maydon Wharf Precinct (16 Roads)
  • Site B: Bayhead Park Precinct (2 Roads)
  • Site C: Island View Complex (3 Roads)

The full extent of the works that the Contractor is to perform involves but is not limited to, the following:

a) Establishment of the Contactor’s Site

b) Geotechnical Study, Survey and Design Report

c) Detailed Engineering Design inclusive but not limited to the following:

  • Site Assessment
  • Survey of all roads to receive heavy rehabilitation, upgrade and widening
  • Geotechnical investigation for all roads that will receive heavy rehabilitation,
    upgrade and widening.
  • CCTV scanning of existing stormwater infrastructure to identify leaks on all the
    roads to be rehabilitated.
  • Creation of a pipe network model that can inform TNPA of problem areas, future
    upgrades and alterations required for the existing network
  • Capturing of existing network and upgrades into the eThekwini GIS system
  • Engineering designs and reports which include, Pavement design drawings, Stormwater
    design drawings and geometric design drawings where applicable
  • Produce comprehensive Bill of Quantities for all construction work that is to be undertaken

d) Designs approved/accepted by local road authority (eThekwini Municipality)

e) Contractor’s designer to provide engineering supervision for the heavy rehabilitation of
roads and upgrades

f) General

  • Accommodation of traffic
  • Clearing and grubbing

g) Drainage

  • Cleaning and effecting repairs to the existing drainage systems (including inlet and outlet
  • Diverting of stormwater flow as necessary to effect construction
  • Construction of new drainage structures
  • Repair or replacement of damaged drainage structures including underground stormwater pipes

h) TNPA Rail and Private Sidings

  • Survey of Rail tracks to be removed and reinstated during heavy rehabilitation of Roads
  • Remove and stockpile all rail material
  • Provide formation material for the tracks (which is not reusable), such as rail clips, rail
    sleepers, pavement material where they differ to road layer works and any other material
    required for rail installation
  • Provide any Rails that are found defective after exposure and cannot be reused. Rail
    material includes Turnouts
  • Reinstatement of Rail tracks to align to original rail level and location
  • Rail Safety Regulator to be notified of all rail alterations
  • Rail signage to be provided where necessary

i) Roadworks

  • Earthworks
  • Breaking up existing pavement layers and replacing with new materials where required
  • Relocation and protection or removal of existing services
  • Strengthening pavement layer/s where necessary
  • Milling road surface where necessary
  • Re-surfacing with Asphalt Wearing Course Premix
  • Replacement of damaged precast and/or in-situ concrete kerbs
  • Installation of concrete edge beams on bell mouths and access ways
  • Provide sidewalks with asphalt surfacing

j) Ancillary Roadworks

  • Painting of road markings
  • Installation and replacement of road signage
  • Installation of Guardrails

k) Completion / Close-out Report, As-built Drawings and Maintenance Plan