N2 – 20
Mount Frere

R1,202 billion

Client: SANRAL

Project Description

The project is located in the Eastern Cape Province within the Alfred Nzo District Municipality.
N2 Section 20 is a link road between Mount Frere and Mount Ayliff.

The scope of works for this contract involves the construction The project covers the rehabilitation and widening of the N2-20 from Mount Frere and Mount Ayliff. This portion of the N2 is a two-way lane single carriageway with the western limit of the project at km 0.0 at the outskirts of Mount Frere, and the eastern limit at km 39.4 at Ngcweleni River.
The rehabilitation of the N2 section 19 through Mount Frere town from km 92.4 to km 95.012 will be executed under the N2 section 20 contract.
The existing National Road N2 section 20 is a single carriageway with two (2) 3.6m surfaced lanes and gravel shoulder ranging from 1.5m to 2.8m.

The project will consist of four sections as follows:

  1. Rehabilitation of the National route N2 Section 20 from km 0.0 to km 39.4 from Mount Frere to Ngcweleni River,
  2. The Rehabilitation of the National Route 19 N2 Section 19 from km 92.4 to km 95.012 through Mount Frere town,
  3. The improvement of the intersection leading to Mount Ayliff on the N2 Section 20 between Ngcweleni River and Brookes Nek,
  4. The construction of a pedestrian bridge at Phakade (known as Bizana turn) positioned km 62.9 on the N2 Section 20 between Ngcweleni River and Brookes NEK.

In addition to the original scope the following will be included.

  • Rehabilitation of the existing single carriageway pavement structure
  • Widening of the existing road cross section for introduction of climbing lanes
  • Construction of three (3) new bridges and three (3) new major culverts,
  • Widening of one (1) bridge and two (2) new major culverts
  • Construction of a pedestrian bridge at Phakade (N2 section 20, km 62.90)
  • Introduction of stacking distance at the intersection of N2/Hlanekela street
  • Upgrading at intersection
  • Construction of pedestrian walkways
  • Construction of community service roads,
  • Extension of reconstruction of existing drainage culverts,
  • Provision of side drains and subsoil drains,
  • Construction of gabions and guardrails.

Major Quantities included the following:

  • 650 000 cubes of Cut to Fill
  • 100 000 cubes of Cut to Spoil
  • 460 000 cubes of layer works
  • 670 000 m2 of surfacing (Cape Seal) 20mm Seal Stone
  • 150 000m2 of Surfacing (Cape Seal) 14mm Stone
  • 34 000 t 65 000 t of Asphalt Surfacing.