N3-2 & N3-3
Lynnfield to

R1,260 billion

Client: SANRAL

Project Description

This project is for the upgrading of the N3-2 and N3-3 located between (km 30.6) south of Lynnfield Interchange and (km 0.8) south of Ashburton Interchange and the Lynnfield Interchange at (km 31.7).

The work also include upgrade of portions of the R103 between Lynnfield Park and the MR477.
It also includes the upgrade of the MR477/R103 Intersection and the Ibhubesi Industrial Park.
Notable upgrade features:

  • Widening of the N3 mainline from 2 to 3 lanes Northbound and Southbound to 4 and 5 lanes.
  • Re-construction of new layerworks on the N3 mainline.
  • Construction of an asphalt base course layer and asphalt surfacing.
  • Construction of a 250mm CRC pavement on the N3 mainline using labour enhanced construction methods.
  • Construction of a 100mm concrete interlayer using labour enhanced construction methods.
  • Widening and construction of a new deck of the Umpushini Spruit Bridge.
  • Construction of new Lynnfield Interchange
  • Construction of Mechanically stabalised Earth Walls (MSEW) in high fills.
  • Construction of large concrete retaining walls in cut embankments¬†¬†