St Barnabas
to Hluleka


Client: EC DoT

Project Description

The Hluleka phase 1 upgrade contract is located between the R61 St Barnabas Hospital and the Hluleka Nature Reserve.

The scope of works for this contract involved the labour intensive construction of a 16km long, 8,6m wide Cape Seal surfaced road. The horizontal alignment of the upgraded road in generally located on the existing road. The vertical alignment of the upgraded road follows that of the existing road with the new level generally 800mm above the existing road level and deviating in areas to improve the overall visibility. It also included the maintenance of existing nearby roads and deviations. A bypass to the full extent of the contract to ensure 2 way traffic was accommodated throughout the construction period.

Major Quantities included the following:

  • 335 000 cubes of bulk earthworks
  • 82 000 cubes of layerworks
  • 40 000 cubes of two stage crushing
  • 142 000 squares of surfacing
  • 21 prefabricated culverts
  • 4km’ of subsoil and concrete side drains
  • Construction of 6 intersections 
  • Construction of 21 taxi bays